Flight Attendant School

Flight Attendants are the airline’s representative aboard the aircraft.

The WCC Flight Attendant School’s program offers two (2) months extensive and hands-on training that introduces the trainee to the up to date operation of the airline industry.

It is designed to give aspiring and future flight attendants sufficient knowledge on Grooming, Image Enhancement, English Proficiency, Personality Development, Customer Service, Safety and Familiarization of the Aircraft, plus Survival Swimming to name a few. These modules are related to broaden the student’s knowledge about the flight attendant’s duties and responsibilities, as well as enhancing their personality and well being. This will give them vast advantage in pursuing their career as cabin crew.

For years now, WCC FAS has produced world-class flight attendants for local and international airlines such as CEBU PACIFIC, KUWAIT AIR, AIR PHILIPPINES, ASTRO AIR, YEMEN AIR, ROYAL BRUNEI AIR, AIR ATLANTA, DAL AVIATION, SILK AIR, TIGER AIRWAYS, FIL-ASIAN AIRWAYS and OMAN AIR to name some.

Testimonials from our successful trainees prove our commitment to produce world-class, airline-ready flight attendants.

Join us and see the world up high!





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