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WCC Aviation Company values quality flight training that’s why we have invested so much on having nothing but the best flight simulation technology. Our mission is to equip each student with the highest standard of training possible to succeed in the aviation industry. The WCC Airbus A320 Flight Simulator is a Level D simulator manufactured by Sim Industries of the Netherlands. Our list of airline partners is Air Asia Zest, Tiger Airways Philippines, Air Busan and Myanmar Airways.

Our WCC Airbus A320 Flight Simulatoris based on an aircraft that is quickly becoming the plane of choice for commercial flights. It comes equipped with:

  • An enclosed full cockpit which is an exact replica of the one found on an Airbus A320
  • 200-degree out-of-window visuals that respond to the flight deck’s controls
  • An extensive airport library that can recreate 3-D images of different airport runways, cities, terrain and even weather conditions to give students an overall realistic experience.

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