Our Team
Our Team

Capt. Ramon Guico III, DPM Chairman/CEO

Alex Custodio, CPA, MBA  College President

Leonila Domen, MM School Administrator

Gloria Lacay, MS College Registrar

Julius Bustamante Campus Supervisor (Binalonan Airfield)
         Engr. Ryan Aucena Engineering and Building Maintenance
         Leonardo Ferrer Security
         Drex Cielo Logistics and Transportation

Leo Arnaiz Character Formation and Athletics

Leonila Domen, MM Dept. of Student Support Services
       Nena Nacionales Library
       Gloria Lacay,MS / Guidance and Counseling
       Leonila Domen,MM (OIC)
       Leonila Domen,MM Student Organizations
       Joyce Patague,MD College Physician

College Deans

Capt. Benedict Lopena,MBA Dean, College of Aviation
Head of Training, Pilot Academy 

Eng. Rolando Agbayani,MAEd Dean, College of Engineering and Aviation
Technology Caloocan and Binalonan Campuses

Engr. Richelieu Tadeo Department Head

Marvelyn T. Martin,MBA Dean, College of Tourism

Cheryl Ann Tabas,MAEd (OIC) Department Head,
College of Arts and Sciences

Cheryl Ann Tabas, MAEd (OIC) Department Head, 
Research Office

Leonila Domen, MM (OIC) Extension Office






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From high school,from college,from single engine pilot...you can.