Flight Attendant Course
Flight Attendants Students

The cabin crew program is delivered in two modes – 45-day Fast-Track offered in our Quezon City campus and a 5-month Semestral (Fridays and Saturdays) offered in Binalonan campus.

Program Pre-Requisites
    High School graduate or College level
    Age: 18-30 years of age
    Height: 5’3” (female), 5’6”(male)
    20/20 vision
    Proficient in English (additional language is an advantage)
    Able to swim
    With good moral character


    High School or College diploma
    Transcript of Records
    Birth Certificate
    Medical Certificate
    2x2 ID & Whole body picture


Our cabin crew training includes 5 modules:
    Personality Development
    Aircraft Familiarization
    Safety Procedures
    Customer Service
    In-Flight Food Service




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