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Even when our focus has been on aviation technical training, we have exerted equal dedication on our general education programs. We believe that every graduate should master the arts and humanities, social and natural sciences, mathematics and computer skills, communication and analytical skills vital in pursuing a career in aviation.

College of Aviation

College of Aviation 
"Fly with the best. Be a pilot. Now."

The College of Aviation is the flagship college of WCC Aeronautical and Technological College. The College of Aviation is established on the belief that disciplined training and professional competence, constitute the foundation of quality and safety. WCC is the only school in the Philippines that offers the cadet approach for its pilot training and 4-year BS Aviation programs with the option of continuing for Airbus A320 Type-Rating.

WCC has established a reputation as a quality flight training school. Our graduates can attest to this because 90% of our pilot program applicants come from recommendations of former students. Quality training combined with a Bachelor's degree, makes one a more competitive aviation professional. This is the goal of WCC.

In addition to flight training and general education requirements, the curriculum develops in the student leadership, management, people, and communication skills.

BS Aviation (Major in Commercial Flying)
BS Aviation (Major in Aviation Management)

College of Engineering and Aviation Technology

College of Engineering and Aviation Technology

WCC College of Engineering and Aeronautical Technology is a community for people who have the passion for engineering, aeronautics, and technology. Set in the University Town of Binalonan, people are drawn to WCC engineering and technical programs for its outstanding tradition of teaching excellence, hands-on approach, and modern facilities. The college's goal is that every graduate of WCC will be at the forefront of engineering and technological innovation.

BS Aeronautical Engineering
BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology 
Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

College of Tourism

College of Tourism

Travel and tourism is largely the most lucrative industry in the world. In Philippines alone, some 1.4 million locals are being employed by it. The WCC Tourism program encompasses technical, practical and professional learning relevant to the different foundations of tourism such as tour and travel operations, transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, events management, allied services, entertainment and recreation, tourism research and education, tourism planning and development and other tourism services necessary for the formation of the students to become well rounded professionals instilled with Christian ethics virtues.

BS Tourism w/ Flight Attendant Course

Department of Arts and Sciences

Department of Arts and Sciences

Aviation is a highly specialized field requiring a lot of technical training, which is the focus of WCC. However, the school also incorporates a well-grounded general education program, which ensures that students possess the faculties expected of tertiary education graduates. In addition to technically-laden courses, students enroll in required subjects in arts and humanities; computer proficiency; mathematics and natural sciences; and athletics.

The College of Arts and Sciences general education program aims to develop communication, critical thinking, and social skills needed by graduates in order to take on the future challenges in their career.








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