BS Aviation Major in Commercial Flying

The professional pilot program at WCC offers an advanced curriculum, which combines the rigors of flight training with demanding academic studies. The course features the use of the best trainer aircrafts in the world and sophisticated simulators, and coupled with quality instructors. These strengths of the program prepare the graduate for a career as an airline or corporate pilot, or even as an airline, school, or aviation executive since regulations of most civilian aviation authorities of the world require a commercial pilot to occupy many management roles in this field.

At the end of the program, the graduate earns a baccalaureate degree in aviation and a commercial pilot license with multi-engine and instrument ratings, and 200 hours of flight time, with the option to pursue a Flight Instructor course or an Airbus A320 Type-Rating. Combined with management courses, the graduates are prepared to take on roles as pilots and managers of the industry.

Program Pre-Requisites
  • High School Diploma
  • Valid 3rd Class (for PPL) and 1st Class (for CPL) Medical Certificate
  • CAAP English Language Proficiency (ELP)
Program Contents (Summary)
  • 4 years in-campus studies
  • 204 units of General Education, Foundation, and Professional Courses
  • 200 flight hours Commercial Pilot w/ Multi-Engine and Instrument Course
    (see Flight Training Courses)
  • Airbus A320 Entry Level Training (ELT)
Optional Programs and Courses
  • Airbus A320 Type-Rating Course
  • Flight Instructor Course
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