Welcome to Binalonan Airfield

As general aviation expands away from the crowded skies over Manila area, Binalonan Airfield in Pangasinan provides a friendly general aviation airport located 21 miles south of Baguio City and 14 miles east of Dagupan. Binalonan serves as the gateway to the Ilocos region, close to beautiful beaches and historical sites, hotels and resorts.

Binalonan Airfield offers flight services to business, individual, and flight training patrons, featuring an 850 meter north-south runway capable of handling general aviation and mid-sized commercial aircrafts.

WCC Aviation Company, Inc. manages airport operations, including flight plans, aircraft maintenance, catering, fueling, and shuttle services.

Please consider utilizing Binalonan Airfield for fast and easy service in the eastern Pangasinan area.


Binalonan frequency is 120.20
Procedure for joining traffic pattern:
– fly overhead station at 1,500 ft.
– advise and join on upwind
descending to traffic altitude at
700 ft.