Welcome to WCC Aviation Company!

Asia Pacific is the world’s fastest growing commercial airplane market and is expected to become the largest travel market overall. WCC Aviation realizes the true potential of the aviation industry that is why we have come up with a line of aviation training and services that prepares future aviators and aviatrixes to rise up to the challenge.

We have built an entire campus dedicated towards excellent aviation training experience. We have upgrade of training fleet of aircrafts and appended aircraft and cabin simulators so students will be trained in a real life airport operations setting.

Our effort to raise the aviation training standards has been duly recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) when we were awarded the Eagle Award last year.

This year, as we celebrate our 10th year in the aviation industry, we remain to be inspired by the continued growth of the airline and aviation industry here in the Asia Pacific region. We maintain our stand that Philippines is indeed a hub for aviation training and needs to answer the demand to produce industry professionals can match international aviation standards.

Explore our website and read through the articles to keep you updated and feel free to visit us in one of our campuses as see how we foster future professionals that will shape the fast growing aviation industry.

Let’s fly.


Capt. Ramon V. Guico III, DPM
Chairman / CEO