Ab Initio Pilot Training Program

The Complete Flight Training Program

The Pilot Academy’s Ab Initio program is specially designed to give the pilot trainee a full knowledge on the craft of flying. It is considered as an entry-level training for those who want to pursue a career as a commercial pilot.

The strength of this program is the wide variety of aircraft types that the student will be flying for a period of one and a half year. It establishes a solid flight foundation and exposes the pilot trainee into different flight environment, techniques and procedures.

Entry Requirements:
NSO Birth Certificate
NBI Clearance
Accomplished Application Form
2×2 and 1×1 Pictures (5 copies each)

Fee Inclusion:
CAAP Class 1 and Class 2 Medical
Checkride Fees
Licensing Fees
English Language Proficiency
Radio Telephony Exam
Pilot Kit + Uniforms
Admin Fee
Housing (4 Sharing Dormitory/Hotel)

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Training Program 
Ground School
Simulator Training
Flight Training Program:
Cessna 15255+00
Tecnam P2002Jf100+00
Cessna 17230+00
Tecnam P2006T15+00
Fees and Payment